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Today May 17, 2021 at 12:30 Summer Lawns and Dan’s Pump Company reported to Red Door and Brookwood HOA the irrigation is back in operation. Sorry for the inconvenience anyone experienced and hopefully you were able to cool the kids and animals off with the Old School Sprinklers!

Brookwood HOA 


Sorry Brookwood, the Irrigation is down and did not realize the issue until Sunday morning. The main irrigation pump is down with an electrical problem. Summer Lawns is working on the problem this morning. Summer Lawns contacted our irrigation pump experts who have serviced our pumps for several years.

The pump supplies the Gazebo pond which is the primary source of the pressurized irrigation for the subdivision. The delay in realizing the pump was down is due to the Gazebo pond still had plenty of water in it until this morning.

We will keep you updated Monday and confident the problem can be fixed soon! Meantime old school sprinklers can help water your yards and cool your kids and pets off!

Brookwood HOA

Keep in mind if you call Summer Lawns for a service call regarding you irrigation, you may be charged a service call fee if the irrigation problem is the homeowner’s problem. 

 ADC approval before you may start work.  

  • Exterior Painting 
  • Sheds/Playhouses
  • Other exterior projects not limited to fence repairs, fence staining, outdoor structures, etc. ALL require approval by the Architectural Design Committee (ADC) prior to the start of the project. 

Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for this approval.

Forms required for these projects can be found here.

If you are planning to repair or stain your cedar fence, please note that you must use the following stain colors: 

Fences with Semi Transparent stain: Sherwin Williams Cedar Bark Semi Transparent stain (SW3511). 

Fences with Solid Stain: Sherwin Williams can mix a matching solid stain in Cedar Bark for you to use. 

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