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4th of July

July 3, 2020

We are sad to report the this year’s 4th of July Parade will be cancelled due to the social distancing guidelines in place.  Hopefully we will be back to a somewhat “normal” by next year!

We would like to remind you that all aerial fireworks are illegal and not permitted in Brookwood.  We have a lot of naturalized areas that could be subject to catching fire with just a spark, and some children and pets are very sensitive to the noise from the fireworks.  No fireworks are allowed to be set off in any of the common areas, and if you do have some of the allowed fireworks at your home, please be respectful of your neighbors and make sure to clean up any messes your display may leave behind.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding and we hope you have a fun and safe 4th of July. 
The Brookwood Board of Directors

Delayed Pool Opening – 5/27/20

May 27, 2020

May 27, 2020

Dear Neighbors,

After much discussion and research, the Brookwood Board of Directors voted to open the community pool beginning Saturday, May 30. While we understand that this will result in an additional expense of approximately $2,000 in operating expenses, we believe it is in the best interest of our homeowners to proceed.

May 30th marks the current date for the beginning of Opening Idaho Stage 3 which allows for gatherings of 10 to 50 people. In making this decision, we considered the guidelines set by Governor Little, the Department of Health and Welfare, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and other Federal agencies. Our goal is to create as safe an environment as possible for our residents.

As such, we have implemented new guidelines for pool use during Stage 3.

  • Pool hours will remain 6am to 10pm with 6am to 9am for adult swim.
  • A waiver must be signed by each member of the household who wishes to use the pool. This is a legal prerequisite to opening the pool and required by the HOA attorney. Key card access to the pool will not be activated without completion of the waiver.
  • For the period of May 30 to June 13, pool capacity will be limited to 50 people. We request that residents who use the pool actively self-monitor the number in attendance. If you or your family members arrive to the pool and see that occupancy is at its temporary limit of 50 people, please do not enter the pool area.
  • Pool use will be for residents only, absolutely no guests from outside Brookwood will be allowed.
  • Maintain social distancing and sanitation guidelines as established by the CDC.
  • Do not enter the pool area if you are feeling ill or exhibiting symptoms commonly associated with the flu or Covid-19.
  • Extra sanitation measures are in place. The HOA will provide hand sanitizer stations adjacent to the pool entrance, additional sanitation of the bathrooms at the end of each day, and all pool furniture will be sanitized after the pool closes each night.
  • The board reserves the right to close the pool should the environment become unsafe or if there is a change to state or Federal guidelines.

As of this writing, our tentative plan for Stage 4 which is currently scheduled for June 13, the pool will be open with no occupancy restrictions. Brookwood residents will still need to sign a waiver to have their key card activated.

We appreciate your understanding that this remains a fluid situation and the board may need to close the pool or alter usage guidelines at any time it deems necessary or if there are changes to state or Federal guidelines.

Waivers are available by clicking here.  Your waiver MUST be signed and returned to Leann via email before you pool key card will be activated.  Please include your last name, address, and pool key card number in the body of the email when returning your executed waivers.

Please contact Leann at with any questions or concerns or if you need a new key card.

Thank you,

Brookwood Board of Directors


November 14, 2019



Greetings Homeowners:  you should be able to plan on irrigation water being available by 4 PM Friday April 17th unless we send out another communication to the contrary. 

The head gate from Farmer’s Union into Brookwood should be opened by the ditch master by 4 PM today Thursday April 16th. 

As soon as that happens Summer Lawns will open the valves so that the pumps and irrigation system can pressurize. This process will take some time.

As a reminder, homeowners sprinkler timers should be set to run between the hours of 9 PM to 9 AM.  The common areas are set to run during the daytime hours so the system can be monitored while the maintenance crew is in the neighborhood.  There will be some overlap after 9 PM and before 9 AM while the common area sprinklers are working through their cycle, but not enough to cause any pressure issues.

*** Please keep an eye on the area where your system hooks into the mainline.  If you see flooding, immediately email the location details to to report.  During the next couple of weeks the system may be going off and on to repair mainline and valve issues that requires the pumps to be turned off; we will keep you updated the best we can.  We won’t know until the system is pressurized if the winter or the earthquake had any impact on the irrigation system.

Thanks in advance for your patience during this spring start up. 

We hope this finds all of you in good health and good spirits!  Leann



With fall and winter just around the corner, please be sure to report any street light outages, or issues with raised sidewalks as you see them.  The nights are getting shorter so we want the neighborhood to be well lit, and Ada County Highway District will come out and repair any sidewalks that may have raised to the point of becoming a tripping hazard.

Email Leann at with details of location and issue.



Sprinklers located within the Brookwood common areas are never set to run longer than 1 hour. If you see a zone that has been running for longer than one hour, please email Leann as soon as possible at It is most likely a stuck valve that will need to manually be turned off by Summer Lawns. 

Email: or phone:  208-870-3094.




Dear Homeowner,

For over two years, the Brookwood board has tried to resolve the issue of our deteriorating common area fence along Floating Feather. From the start, the board agreed that it would be best to tackle this very complex problem by first going to the twenty-four affected homeowners, and then receiving community-wide input. However, as we have shared in previous communications, this became a fiercely contested and complicated matter from the start.

This board continues to strive for financial prudence that serves the good of the entire neighborhood in all areas.  We have been unanimous about one thing since the fence issue began: It was time to have necessary discussions regarding the maintenance demands and financial management of the existing fence prior to the fence replacement. Knowing that it was not a fence repair, we expected an extensive, monetary assessment from the entire community. Before we replaced it with the same material, we decided to do our due diligence. Concerning upkeep and maintenance (cleaning/staining/repairs), we had to be sure we were being financially prudent about placing a significant and ongoing financial burden on the HOA. We also wanted to explore other viable options for a solution, such as quality, cedar-like, vinyl.

This board feels confident that we have attempted, several times over the past two and a half years, to communicate all aspects of this issue with transparency, and leave the final decision up to the neighborhood as a whole. City policies have also changed regarding privacy cedar fencing that abut common public area, which has confused the situation even further. Before we petitioned the City for approval, it was judicious to ensure that the majority of Brookwood homeowners agreed with the cedar fence replacement. Although we realize there are those directly affected personally by this fence, please remember, this is a common area fence and we are all financially responsible for it.

Up to this point, the board hadn’t decided on a solution for the fence. We have sought clear communication covering all aspects of the fence, from a majority of homeowners, before making a decision.  On more than one occasion, we have taken the time to express how challenging this process has been from the start, and what our intentions are.

In May of this year, we scheduled a meeting at Eagle Middle School with the hope that a large number of homeowners would attend. The object of the meeting was to discuss and gather as much community-wide input as possible, concerning all aspects of this issue. We had also planned to review homeowner responsibility and the possibility of a special assessment for the replacement of the fence. Only a few homeowners attended this meeting or any of our monthly meetings since this issue began. Our board has worked very hard to create open conversation around this issue, and it was discouraging to find out later that a group held private meetings regarding the fence.

Based on the comments from homeowners who did attend the May meeting, we found opinions to be very split between all options discussed. Based on this, we have decided to forego the previous decision to send out a survey and have agreed to move forward with a cedar fence replacement.

Now that a decision has been made, we will continue this process as expeditiously as possible. We need to secure contractors and permits, as well get the project scheduled. We have received approval from the City of Eagle Planning and Zoning Department to replace the cedar fence with specific and upgraded specifications. We are currently in the process of obtaining three bids for this project, and we will keep you informed as we gather further information on the details of the fence replacement.

There are many that are eager to point out the problems, but fewer are interested in being part of the solution. Your board members are volunteers and servants of this HOA. It would be beneficial if one person from each household took time to serve as a board member.  We need your help. Please consider stepping into service in the coming year, as three positions will be open on the board.

In closing, we understand that it is reasonable to have very personal and even passionate concerns for issues that need resolution in the neighborhood. There have been several instances of unacceptable behavior stemming from this issue. As we work through this and future issues, we ask that you maintain a sense of community, cooperation, and respect, at all times.

Thank you,

The Brookwood Board of Directors