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June 12, 2019



All pumps are up and operational.  We are aware of the standing water in the ball fields.  We are going to have to manually pump the water out to get to the sump pump to replace a fitting that has failed.

Please remember homeowners allotted watering times are between 9 PM and 9 AM daily.  We try to get through the entire cycle for the common area sprinklers between 9 AM and 9 PM but a few of them must run past this time frame.

We still have some maintenance work to do in the creek bed areas as soon as the turf dries out a bit more, so the streams will remain off until that work is complete.

Watch where your sprinkler system hooks into the main line at the rear of your property and report any leaks to Leann immediately via email to or texting details to 208.870.3094.

Thank you for all your patience and understanding through this spring startup process.


Sprinklers located within the Brookwood common areas are never set to run longer than 1 hour. If you see a zone that has been running for longer than one hour, please email Leann as soon as possible at It is most likely a stuck valve that will need to manually be turned off by Summer Lawns.

Email: or phone:  208-870-3094.




Community Pool

May 6, 2019

The Brookwood Community Pool will open for the 2019 Season on Friday May 24th at 3 PM.
If your dues are paid current your pool key card will be automatically re-activated for pool opening Memorial Day Weekend 2019. If you are new to the neighborhood you will need to contact Leann via email at and include your name, address, and contact information to make arrangements to get a new pool key card.   Only one key card per address in Brookwood will be activated. We will send you a form that needs to be filled out and exchanged for the pool key card and the $10 fee. The fee for replacement key cards is $25.

Any outstanding HOA dues and Irrigation fees and possibly any past due accrued interest must be paid in order to get your existing pool key card reactivated for the 2019 season. There will be no pool key card activation done during the Memorial Day weekend so please make sure any outstanding amounts owing are received in plenty of time!

As another reminder, please do not let homeowners into the pool area if they do not have their pool key card or their pool key card does not work. You can text Leann at 208-870-3094 to check the number on the back of their pool key card to verify with Leann why it may not be working, but if you leave unauthorized people into the pool area, you may be at risk for losing your own pool privileges. Please share this information with your kids as well. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that no one outside of Brookwood residents has an activated pool key card. With the growing number of people using the pool, we must ensure only authorized Brookwood residents, or their guests accompanied by an authorized BW member, have access to the pool.

Monthly Board Meetings

October 27, 2017


The monthly HOA board meetings are held the SECOND THURSDAY of each month at 6:15 PM at the community center.

As always, everyone is welcome to attend. If you wish to have an item put on the agenda for a monthly meeting you need to email a request to Leann at one week in advance of that meeting.