Architectural Guidelines and Forms

Our community has detailed architectural guidelines that must be strictly followed by every resident as noted in the Brookwood CCRs and Architectural Guidelines.

Prior approval is required before making any alterations to the exterior of your property including but not limited to:


Exterior Painting (CCRs Article lll, Section 3.3)

  • *Our CCRs indicate that for the re-paint of the same color, no pre-approval is required. Due to excessive fading on some homes, the HOA must be notified in advance of painting, and color samples provided so the project can be confirmed as a repaint. Samples, as noted above, are required for HOA files records before painting commences.
  • For new colors, the ARC form must be completed and approval provided by the Architectural Review Committee.

Exterior Remodeling (CCRs Article lll,Section 3.3)


Landscaping (CCRs Article lll, Section 3.4)


Landscape Lighting (Architectural Guidelines Article 4 Design Criteria 4.12)


Fencing (CCRs Article lll, Section 3.14)


Re-Roofing (Architectural Guidelines Article 4 design Criteria 4.03 Roof Design Paragraph C)


Retaining Walls (Architectural Guidelines Article 4 Design Criteria 4.08)


Pet Enclosures (Architectural Guidelines Article 4 Design Criteria 4.11)


Satellite TV Dish Installations (CCRs Article 3, Section 3.9)

  • Please Install in the least conspicuous location possible. 


Shed Approval Form



Revised Architectural Review Form



Revised Paint Approval Form