Important Community Updates

June 2, 2021: 

IRRIGATION: The water Brookwood gets for irrigation comes from the Farmers Union Ditch CO. The Farmers Union  has informed all customers that due to drought conditions evolving early this summer everyone’s water supply will be reduced in the Valley. The Board of Directors are working with Summer Lawns and a company that specializes in water management for solutions that will maintain the aesthetics in our subdivision. Irrigation issues will be a topic of the next Board Meeting – Tuesday June 8, 2021 at 6:30 pm.


May 26, 2021:

ICE CREAM SOCIAL TICKET PICKUP on Wednesday May 26 from 4pm – 6 pm at the Community Clubhouse! 

REQUESTED POOL KEY CARD PICKUP on Wednesday May 26 from 4pm – 6pm at the Community Clubhouse!

PONDS and BROOKS: Due the heavy rains and lower demand of Irrigation you may see reduced flow in the Brooks. The Pond levels will be fluctuating as the temperatures rises and the rain moves out! Summer Lawns is watching this closely and responding accordingly. In the future we are exploring water sensors and automation system on the main water pumps to reduce the reactive water management and move towards a real-time water management which will create a more even flow of water and help reduce the pond bank erosion problems. More to come on this!

MAY 22, 2021:

ICE CREAM SOCIAL TICKET Pickup on SUNDAY MAY 23 from 1pm-3pm at the Community Clubhouse.

REQUESTED POOL KEY CARDS Pickup up for those who submitted card requests on SUNDAY MAY 23 from 1pm-3pm at the Community Clubhouse.

PONDS and BROOKS – This past week you may have noticed the water levels fluctuate in the ponds and brooks run dry at times. We replaced one of the primary pumps and experienced electrical and power problems all which have been fixed. We will continue to see fluctuations in water levels in the upcoming week or two due to the large water surge in the rivers. Please be patient with Summer Lawns, they have been working overtime to manage the water surges.

COMMITTEE APPLICATIONS – We want to thank the people who have submitted applications for various committees in Brookwood. Expect to be contacted within the next week to visit with the Board of Directors.

HOW TO REPORT PROBLEMS – We have received concerns regarding issues with irrigation, sidewalks, wildlife, aggressive dogs and others. We want to thank you for being vigilant with forwarding those concerns to Red Door! Should you ever feel in danger call 911.

Everyone needs to keep an eye out for brown or dry areas of common space to help address sprinkler head problems to get fixed click on the Red Door link.

IF you witness wildlife causing damage or immediate danger to a person or pet call 911. IF you witness wildlife click on the Species Identification link; not sure what to do if anything or want to see the latest wildlife concerns click on the Idaho Fish and Game link. 

IF you see unsafe tripping hazards on sidewalks please don’t hesitate to call ACHD as they are responsible for most of the sidewalks in Brookwood along all streets except on common space walking paths. Click on this ACHD link to take you to the Safe Sidewalk Program contact information!

IF you have a police matter or concern please click on the Eagle Police Ada County Sheriff link.

MAY 21, 2021:

COMMUNITY GARAGE SALE- Hope the first day of garage sales went well given the change of weather we experienced! The second day is shaping up to be wet and cold so be sure to bundle up and keep your umbrellas ready! We will consider another community garage sale this summer or fall!

MAY 14, 2021:

Keep in mind if you call Summer Lawns for a service call regarding you irrigation, you may be charged a service call fee if the irrigation problem is the homeowner’s problem. 

OUTDOOR HOME PROJECTS? Be sure to click on the Project Approval link to review requirements and new forms! IF you are planning to repair or stain your cedar fence please note you are required to use Sherwin Williams Cedar Bark Semi Transparent stain (SW3511). Fences with solid stain can be mixed to match in Cedar Bark at Sherwin Williams.

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