When does the pool open and close?

The pool opens mid-afternoon Friday of Memorial Day weekend. We stop heating the pool the Monday of Labor Day weekend and it remains open with unheated water until sometime later in September.

How do I get a pool key?

Click on the Forms Link to choose the Pool Card Agreement to print, fill out and send to Red Door Knock@reddooridaho.com

Do I need approval to change my landscaping?

YES – If you are re-landscaping your backyard by removing and adding plant material, a plan will need to be submitted to the Architectural Review Form. Please refer to the Architectural Guidelines for forms and information. If you are adding plant material or trees to your yard without removing any existing landscaping, no approval is necessary.

Do I need approval to install a fence?

YES – Please refer to CCRs Article III, Section 3.14. & Brookwood Architectural Guidelines Article 4 Design Criteria 4.16 for instructions. Architectural Review Form

Do I need approval to install landscape lighting?

YES –  Landscape lighting is covered in our CC&R’s. Please review Exterior Lighting Section 4 Article 4.12 for details. The City of Eagle and Brookwood neighborhood both adhere to a dark sky policy. This allows you and your neighbors are able to enjoy the stars without interference from neighboring lighting.

Do I need approval to install a pool?

YES – Let us know all the details of your project and someone will contact you.  Architectural Review Form

Do I need approval to install a pergola or patio cover?

YES – Please use the Architectural Review Form. Let us know all the details of your project and someone will contact you.

Do I need approval to install a storage shed?

YES – Please use the Shed Approval Form. Let us know all the details of your project and someone will contact you.

Parking Restrictions
You may park your car in your driveway without moving for a maximum of 48 continuous hours as per Architectural Guidelines Article 3, Section 3.12. This includes any other types of vehicles, campers, boats, etc. The streets in Brookwood are public and subject to City of Eagle parking code. Cars or other types of vehicles may remain parked on the street for a maximum of 78 continuous hours. Some of our streets are marked with no parking on one side. Please respect this city law.

Trash Can Storage
Trash cans must be screened from view (i.e. the street and your neighbor) per Architectural Guideline Article 3, Section 3.8. Your cans may be placed on the curb the day before pickup and must be off the curb the day of pickup.

Solar Policy
Solar Panels are permitted and require ADC approval. Please refer to our Solar Panel Policy for information.

Common Area Snow Removal
The amount budgeted for snow removal each year will be based upon past history averages. The amount used will fluctuate each year, depending on snowfall.

The Brookwood HOA has contracted for common area snow removal. Areas to be cleared will include all common area sidewalks (including HOA sidewalks along Floating Feather and Eagle Road), and also the parking lot and sidewalks around the Community Center. The contract is for snow removal when we receive 4” or more of snow.

PLEASE NOTE: This means that Brookwood will not be plowed until after other commercial and residential properties that are contracted for 0” tolerance and up have been serviced, so it may be 24 to 48 hours after the snow storm before Brookwood common area sidewalks are plowed.

Because we have a contract in place, the contractor must plow due to liability reasons.

Neighborhood Solicitors
Door to door soliciting in Eagle requires that the solicitor has a permit from the City of Eagle. If you answer your door to a solicitor, you may ask the solicitor to show you their permit.

If the solicitor is not wearing their permit, you may call the Police non-emergency number at 208-938-2260 to report the solicitor.  

How to Report